Shiftworks spurs grassroots climate action through storytelling & design. We believe that deeper understanding of climate change issues provides the motivation we need to adapt to our changing planet.

To that end, we create interactive public installations that translate hard to grasp climate change facts into personal, multi-sensory experiences. We synthesize storytelling with design tools to spark the imagination, motivate folks to adapt to climate change & connect people to the tools they need to transform that motivation into action. Each installation invites participants into visioning & planning exercises, existing planning efforts & direct action initiatives.

Founder Johanna Hoffman is a designer, urban strategist, and writer on climate change and its impacts on the built environment. She has worked on climate change issues with a range of motivated institutions and organizations, from Louisiana State University and UC Santa Cruz to the San Francisco United School District, University of Hawaii, MIT and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. 

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